Saturday, December 19, 2009

Strip night, the ocean, and the Frosty 5k

So last Thursday was pretty swell. My lovely friends blessed me with their amazing presence at Randall's and my dinner party. We gorged ourselves on spinich gnocchi, stuffed mushrooms, freshly baked cookies, and yummy porters provided by Kale. Then we headed out to Jake's for the amateur strip night. Quite fun except for a certain creepy old dude, but we got to see Moya shake his booty on stage. Kale you better be next! Then it was off to Ryan and Korrina's for their holiday bash. And I can't remember the rest. Seriously. But it was surely a good time.

Then it was off to the ocean with my family, with Randall and Nick in tow. It was beautiful weather and we saw lots of deer and seals.

So now I'm on a crazy wonderful break from school and work and I don't know what to do with myself!! Just kidding, I'm a beer-making, clothes-sewing, book-reading, craft-making lunatic, just lovin this freedom. Time to run wild! I'm up for kicking it with all my lovelies that I haven't gotten to see lately...ahem, Sydney, cough cough. Craft party anyone?

So Lindsey and I woke up early today to go run in the Frosty 5k. Yeah, we are pretty much unstoppable, its true. I actually shaved off 9 minutes from the 5k I did last summer. Totally wierd, was I really that slow then? I guess so, but no longer! The race ended at a pub overlooking the Sound and we had early morning beer treats to reward ourselves. Oh, and we got santa hats so check it.


Randall H. Sloot said...

Looks like you're having a good time. Congratulations on the 5k, I'm so proud of you! When I get back we should see Avatar together, you're going to love it, it was amazing. I miss you so bad already and can't wait to be back in your arms!

earth-rabbit said...

I'm totally down to run another 5k with you! Thanks for posting all those pictures.