Tuesday, October 21, 2008

burgandy = happiness


I leave tomorrow morning for Uganda! I seriously can't wait to be camping out for hours on a plane with some good books and nothing to do but read them! Over the weekend I got to go to Colfax and Washtukna to see Randall's family and have an early thanksgiving. Randy and I hung out with his friend John who took us out in his Gator (which is this like 6 wheeled mini car that can go straight up cliffs and over bushes, its crazy, I thought it was a riding lawnmower at first but its totally not) and almost killed us on this trecherous slope. Randy drove straight up it (and I mean it was like straight up) even though John had never made it up before, and I was fucking terrified but somehow we made it. It was really beautiful out there, all the trees were different colors. I really wish I had my camera with me.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Huntington Beach

The most beautiful dog there ever was!

Summer Sealing

During what may be the last sunny weekend of 2008.

written Sunday afternoon:
The Oly film festival is coming up and there's a movie called The Cake Eaters. I just like the name. The movie I want to go see is Steamboat Bill, Jr. because I think Buster Keaton is a cutie. And I love seeing silent films in theaters. I wish we had a silent film festival around here. Sooo, I finally got food stamps, more then I could have ever imagined! Straight away I went down to the farmers market and bought 8 pounds of beets and a huge box of heirloom saucing tomatoes. I pickled the beets last night and today I will can tomato sauce! Yum, yum! Randy and I will be starting our stage hand jobs in November starting with ACDC at the Tacoma Dome. We were suppose to do Celine Dion this coming weekend but we are headed East to see his family for an early Thanksgiving. The week after I will be leaving for Uganda! Alright, I'm off to study Spanish by the fire.

Saturday, October 4, 2008


In August I saw Radiohead with Ashley, Jeff and Randy. Ash and Jeff had lawn seats but we were able to sneak them onto the floor without a hitch and had a really amazing time.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Farmer's Market

We just took a field trip to the Oly farmer’s market and I haven’t been there in months and it got me so excited and wishing I had money so I could buy all the fruit and nut trees, and the apple butter, oh and the garlic braids with dried flowers woven in, and the black turnips, and the rainbow chard, and the kiwi berries, and the juicy peaches, and the roasted nuts, and the peanut brittle, and fancy cheeses, and fresh salsa, gaahh!!! I need to start working right away and get my foodstamps turned back on so I can get little wooden coins to spend! I start at the tree nursery next week, and I'm also going to start working as a stage hand at concerts with Ashley. She's trying to get me to work costume changes for America's Next Dance Crew. This Saturday I may be in the Urban Exchange fashion show thing that Brita usually does, because Jonathan is doing makeup and asked me if I wanted to be in it. I said yes, but I have no idea what is involved, apparently a lot of standing about and posing as a mannequin. Whatever, I'm mostly going over to the Gig with the intention to can as many vegetable as I have the energy and resources for: mainly tomatoes, tomato sauce, pickled beets, pickled garlic, and maybe pickled cucumbers if I can make it that far. Randy is finally starting the Costco job this weekend with makes me incredibly relieved and happy because I like to eat out every now and then and I am sick of us being broke all the time. He is also applying to Evergreen, hurray! I do love that school of mine, oh and by the way, my Spanish teacher is a lovely energetic lady who is fine with me missing 3 classes to go to Uganda. I am very pleased by this because the class is totally fun and I'm glad I decided to go with it, even if it’s a lot more work to take 20 credits. Whatever, life is good and I am content.

Here is a cutie picture of me and the two Randys (one boyfriend, the other my brother). We were on the way to a tea room that we had gone to before with my Grandmother. We sat at the same table and left the seat empty that she had sat in before, to kind of honor her. It was sad but a good way to remember my Grandma and all the ways our lives have been affected by her. Notice my super amazing pink and orange hair (much thanks to Jonathan, although I did choose the colors). It is the best my hair has looked since like highschool, I think.